The Municipal Band of Allentown

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The Municipal Band of Allentown at West Park in 2013     *     Photo by Kristin Caddoo
Welcome to the Municipal Band of Allentown's web site. This site is to inform the public of band concerts, events and history. The Schedule of Events will tell you where and when you can see the band in concert. The band is a 501(c)(3) Non-Profit group that performs many public concerts throughout the year, most of which are free to the public. Your contributions to the band are tax deductible. Here's how.
You may check the band's full concert schedule and maps & directions links for important details.
>>>   OUR NEXT CONCERT   <<<
We usually start the year with the Festival of Bands which is followed by many concerts throughout the spring and summer. Unfortunately, the Covid-19 Pandemic has wiped out almost our entire schedule for the year. Please watch this website for changes as they occur. We dearly hope to see you in the fall.

Since most (all?) concert have been canceled all over the world, musicians have been among the hardest hit financially. We ask that if you bought a ticket to an event that you please consider not asking for a refund. If you can support your favorite music organization by buying merchandise or by making a donation, please consider doing so. Thank you for your understanding.
Your donations are needed to help us continue to provide entertainment. Thank you. We appreciate your generosity.
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Please visit our Richard F. Hinkle memorial page.
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